Far Star - Epic Space Adventure

Far Star


Epic Space Adventure

You are the leader of the Uticans as they flee their destroyed world in search of a new home in a galaxy filled with ancient mysteries.

Build up your Home Base

The Uticans have made their home on a space ark. You need to gather resources and build up the ark as you progress through the game.

Grand Space Battles

Collect blueprints and manufacture new expedition ships, big and small. Lead the Uticans in battle against hostile threats deep in space.

About Far Star

When catastrope befalls Akat, the home planet of the Uticans, the survivors must use all their wit, strength and intelligence to survive in a galaxy fille with ancient mysteries and threats. You are in charge of the Uticans as they travel on the Far Star, a giant space ark constructed at an abandoned alien star ship factory. You must overcome all the numerious challenges and find a new home for the Uticans. Little do they know that blue jewels are very few and far apart.

Will you be able to save your people?

First Demo Release

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